Best Collaboration

The nominees for best Collaboration are…

1) 00Carter by Rose, RokofAges75, Purpura Lipstick, starbeamz2, DragonStar, Jellicle
2) Design Divas by tiggerc128 and SassyNurseA
3) Just One Kiss by Pengi and evergreenwriter83
4) Man I Feel Like a Woman by Pengi and evergreenwriter83
5) Missing by Sapphire and summer03
2) “What to Expect when Your Not Expecting!” by Pengi and evergreenwriter83

And the winner is… 


Congratulations also to the runner up:


And now… the award for best Collaborating authors. The nominees are:

1) Pengi and evergreenwrite r83
2) Rose and Julie
3) Carrie and Swenglish

And the winners are…

Congratulations also to the runners up:


Winners, head on over to the press room and greet your fans! 🙂


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