Best Comedy/Dramedy

The nominees for best Comedy/Dramedy story are…

1) A Work (still) In Progress by BeTheStage
2) Just One Kiss by Pengi and evergreenwriter83
3) Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Pengi and evergreenwriter83
4) Romper Room by colorguard_diva
5) The Great Divide by evergreenwriter83
6) The Importance of Fly Fishing by Mare
7) Unexpected by Line
8) Visions Of Love by alota_cookin
9) “What To Expect When You’re NOT Expecting” by Pengi & evergreenwriter83

And the winner is… 

Congratulations also to the runners up:

And now… the award for best Comedy/Dramedy  author. The nominees are:

1) alota_cookin
2) evergreenwriter83
3) ForeverFrick
4) Line
5) Mare
6) Pengi

And the winner is…

Congratulations also to the runner up:

Winners, head on over to the press room and greet your fans! 🙂


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