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I could imagine plenty of ways to die, but this…this was just the worst.

I moved closer and asked that someone hold the torch steady so that I could see what I was doing properly. I didn’t want to end up slicing a vein or anything like that.

“Fuck” I muttered. Why did I have to do this? Just because I’d seen it on TV didn’t mean I knew what to do. I wasn’t an expert. What if I fucked up and cut his brain out?

“I’d help, but I don’t think I can with this leg” Howie offered, but I knew he wouldn’t be much use. I had to do this kneeling down and leaning over, which is something Howie couldn’t do.

“Here goes” I muttered and leaned over. The wound was gaping open and festering with tons of maggoty bot fly things buried into his flesh. If that wasn’t bad enough, the smell was revolting too and I swallowed down the bile which was creeping up my throat. I had to do this. I had to be strong. I’d seen it on TV and it didn’t look too hard. If they could do it with a knife on TV, then so could I.

Congratulations to Carter-Orange!

And to the runner up:


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