Comedy/Dramedy Story

The nominees are…

Humps & Twugs & Kaos by Tiggerc128
Deadline : February 14th by Tri
You Wrote the Book by Evergreenwriter83
Finding Carter by DelphinaCarter
Running Up That Hill by Sakabelle

And the winner is…

“See, I thought to myself, ‘what books do chicks read?’ And you know the answer?”

Brian shook his head.

“Harlequin. My sister was reading one the last time she came to visit. So I went to the website and borrowed a cover, slapped my head on it, superimposed a picture of Maine, and boda-bing-boda-BOOM!”

Nick’s voice ricocheted around the room. Brian almost dropped his beer. He clung to it tightly. Nick was looking at him expectantly, waiting for a response.

“You decapitated Lauren?” Brian said, finally replaying the former conversation.

“I had to,” Nick shrugged. “I’d look like a douche if I wrote a story about cheating on her.”

Brian nodded. “True,” he took a deep swig. “So…how do I get rid of Leighanne?”

Evergreenwriter83 for You Wrote The Book!

Congrats also to the runner up:


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