Drama/Angst Author

The nominees are…


And the winner is…

Rochelle stood up. She walked across the room and stepped up to Nick. She reached for the hem of his shirt and slipped it off over his head and laid her hands on his chest. He bit his lip, watching her. Rochelle took his hand and pulled him gently to the couch, where he laid down and she lay beside him, her head over his heart.

Long after Rochelle had fallen asleep – which was pretty much immediately – Nick lay awake, staring at the fishtank, thinking. He didn’t know why it was weirder to be doing this here, at home, than it would be if they were at AJ’s. He supposed it had something to do with being in his territory, under the same roof as Lauren. At AJ’s house, it had felt like a duty, something he wanted to do while here it felt like a violation of something, like something was being taken away, but he wasn’t sure what.


Congratulations also to the runner up:


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