Drama/Angst Story

The nominees are…

Lost & Found by Tiggerc128
Livin’ A Love Song by colorguard_diva
Secrets of the Heart by RokofAges75
Inner Hell by Jenna
Brothers by Jess20
Remember Me This Way by Rose
Love Will Keep You Up All Night by Pengi
Walked Out of My Dreams by Rose
Borrowed Time by Pengi
Forever Like This by Sakabelle

And the winner is…

Nick saw everything he worked for as nothing. For what was it if he didn’t even know his own accomplishments? He saw himself looking at the walls filled with awards and plaques earned over his lifetime, and not knowing what they meant. He saw his family visit and him stare at them blankly. He saw their tears and the inability to comfort them. He saw his band mates, the best family he’d ever known, sticking by him when everyone else would give up. He watched the years go by in his head, his golden hair thinning and growing greyer. Nick looked down at himself infirm in a bed crying for reasons he didn’t understand. 

When his eyes opened, the tears were still wet as they streaked freshly down his cheeks.

Remember Me This Way by Rose!

Congrats also to the runner up:


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