Fantasy/Supernatural/Sci-Fi Story

The nominees are….

Beloved by Tiggerc128
Children Like Me by Mersey
Homecoming by Louise
Forgotten Souls by Tri
Divine Intervention by Rose
Secrets of the Heart by RokofAges75
Severed Identities by Purpura Lipstick

And the winner is…

Brian moved around on the stage, the screams of the girls were giving him a headache tonight. Or was it that he had a headache before and they were just amplifying it?  He danced around trying to remember the steps he was supposed to be doing.  He almost missed his cue to sing and he was lucky he remembered the words.  He was off tonight and he hoped that the fans wouldn’t notice.  For one horrible moment he thought his heart was bothering him, the feeling was similar to what he remembered but he put his mind at ease, his heart hadn’t felt that way in many years.

There was a small break after the first set of songs and he knew he should be welcoming the crowd to their show but the words did not want to come out of his mouth.  Instead, he sat there looking out at the crowd, letting the others talk.   

He almost fell off his chair when a flash of sunshine blinded him.  There was no sunshine in the arena, where did that come from?  He glanced around but no longer saw the stage or the fans.  He was in a field running after a woman in front of him.  Her dress blowing in the wind she was creating.  When she turned his heart jumped in his chest.  He knew she wasn’t Leighanne when the memory started since the woman he’d followed had brown hair but he was shocked to see the fan who had collapsed standing in front of him.

Severed Identities by Purpura Lipstick!

Runner up was a tie! Congrats to you both:

 photo RU-FSNSF-StoryB_zpsc66b9c1c.jpg


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