Most Creative Story

The nominees are…

Everyday I Love You by colorguard_diva
On The Rails by Filikelpto
On Nightingale Hill by Filiklepto
Unwinding Truth by PurpuraLipstic k and Carter-Orange
The Archangels by rebellious_one
Love Will Keep You Up All Night by Pengi
What to Expect When You’re NOT Expecting by Pengi, evergreenwriter83
Forgotten Souls by Tri
Finding Carter by DelphinaCarter
Brian Potter and the Malevolent Musician by ForeverFrick

And the winner is…

I ran a hand through my hair, feeling the stiffness of the gel I hadn’t washed out the night before. It had been a club night. It was an ‘I’m thirty-one years old, single, and partying my brains out in L.A. with Donnie Wahlberg kind of night.’ It was–

“Ahh bababa cogh.”

The noise seemed to come out of nowhere…unti l I looked down. The moment I did, I quickly looked back up. I looked right. Then I looked left as far as I could.

“Hm ka pa?”

I looked back down. It stared up at me, a big line of drool traveling down its face. The tequila shots from last night threatened to come back up.

It was a practical joke. It was a fake baby. Fake drool. Some dipshit kid had infiltrated our bus haven and left his home economics project on my door-er-bus step. Maybe the thing would run out of batteries. Maybe–

“Fo wa qat.”

A chubby hand grabbed at something sticking up out of the carseat. It looked like a note of some sort. The baby brought it to its mouth and began to chew on the corner, producing even more drool. I thought I was going to faint. There was only one word, written in black, on the front.

All it said was…


Pengi and evergreenwriter83!

Congrats also to the runner up:


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