Romance Story

The nominees are…

Design Divas by Tiggerc128
Everyday I Love You by colorguard_diva
Perfect Ten by evergreenwriter83
Forever Like This by Sakabelle
The Boys on the Bus by Ellebeth
Big Girl Now by BiLittrell
Me Without You by Sapphire
Falling in Love Again by emily_michele

And the winner is…

“I hate seeing you cry,” he whispered. His arms around me were so familiar, his body my rock, yet like an addict, he felt so fresh and new – so new that I didn’t want to let him go.

“I hate this part,” I whispered back.

“It’s never the same without you behind the camera.” His voice turned husky, the innuendo inescapable. I know a lot of parents never show intimacy in front of their children, but for us it was impossible to avoid. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Noah slide out of the room, but the two girls watched us as if they were observing a Disney prince and princess.

“I love you,” I said. I cupped his face, feeling the fresh-shaven skin beneath my palms. Every time we parted we kissed like we were saying our forever goodbyes. Only when my lungs felt like they would explode, did we finally pull away.


Congratulations also to the runner up:


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  1. What the what? Just to be nominated was awesome, but to be runner up to Jen? Wow. Thanks so much to everyone! Now to figure out this banner thingy….

    • 🙂 Congrats! Just save your banner to your hard drive and upload it to your own host (like a photobucket account, for example) then you can post it in your story notes!

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