Thriller/Suspense Author

The nominees are…


And the winner is…

There was a noise to my right and I tried to turn to look but the most blinding pain wrecked through my body as I attempted to turn my head. I felt trapped, and threatened, and the sound on my right seemed louder and closer and stuff and I struggled, trying to move, but I felt like I was strapped to the chair, unable to move. I fought against my bindings, but my every move burned through me. My head felt like it was being used as a kick drum.

It was a pain like I’d never, ever, ever felt in all my life before. A burning, tearing sensation and I let out a roar of agony, unable to choke back the reaction to the pain. “Oh fuck,” I sobbed, “Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck!” Tears dripped down from my eye ducts, each one burning as they ran across my face. My face felt raw. I reached my hands – my abnormally long hands – and pressed them to my face gently, each cell of contact aching so badly I clenched my teeth. When I pulled my hands away, they were covered in blood.

I panicked.

Like so bad.

Pengi! Congrats!

Congrats also to the runner up:


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