Thriller/Suspense Story

The nominees are…

Satan’s Playground by rebeliious_one
Guilty Roads by Rokofages75
Weird World by DelphinaCarter
Last Christmas by rebellious_one
After Self by Pengi
Infidelity  by Tri

And the winner is…

Nick stood up, too, hoping to make a quick exit.  As quickly as he tried to plan an escape strategy, Jason positioned the gun all too close for Nick’s comfort.  He didn’t want to die there that day, which was for sure.  Money he was prepared to lose, but his life was another story.  “Listen, man, it’s not too late to change your mind here…  You have a lot of choices right now.  Better choices than this.”  He looked down at the shotgun in front of his face.

“Choices?  There’s only one fucking choice.  You pretty boys are all the same.  Spoiled, thinking you can have any woman you want just cause you can.  Well, I got news for you.  You can’t.”

Infidelity by Tri!

Runner up was a tie! Congrats to you both:

 photo RU_TS_StoryB_zpsb13c1098.jpg

 photo RU_TS_Story_zpsf6173834.jpg


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