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Thank you and good-night!

Thanks to everyone who “came out” for the big event this evening and to those who are catching up in their respective timezones 🙂

Winners, be sure to right-click and SAVE your banners then upload them to your own space – don’t hotlink them! Also, when you post them on AC, keep them out of your summaries and post them instead inside your author’s notes.

Thank you again to Hannah who was kind enough to do the banners again this year, to the people who sent in nominations then came back and cast their votes – although there may not have been very many of you this year, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate your participation.

Although Felix is taking a relaxing vacation after this season, I hope to one day see it back and full of your great work! Who knows, there might even be a Felix 2013 this fall 🙂

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Welcome to the Felix Awards 2012!

Thank you all for joining us for the Felix Awards 2012!

Before we get into the awards I wanted to take the time to say a few words and make an announcement.

This is Absolute Chaos’ tenth anniversary and Felix’s fifth! We wouldn’t have made it through five seasons of theses awards if it weren’t for the continued support for Absolute Chaos. All of the writers, readers and fans get credit for keeping the site going for ten years and the awards for the past five.

That leads me to the announcement… after tonight’s awards ceremony the Felix Awards will be going on hiatus.

Activity in the fanfic world has been on the decline and that has seriously affected participation for both the AC forum and the Felix Awards. We used to get hundreds of nominations and votes and a wide variety of stories, authors and genres up for awards. In the past couple of years those numbers have dropped by about 85 per cent. For the amount of time that goes into something like this it’s just a lot of work to continue on for a handful of people – I hope you all understand.

This doesn’t mean Felix will never return! If the interest is there, I will be happy to bring the awards back but right now there just doesn’t seem to be a point in forcing it when there’s aren’t a lot of people into it anymore.

Not trying to get this party off on a low note, so instead let’s focus on everyone who took the time to read stories, submit nominations and submit their votes and most importantly the authors we are about to recognize! Don’t forget to hit up the press room over on the forums and chat about the awards! On with the show…

– Julilly

Felix Awards 2012!

Find out which of your favourites will become winners.

Check back tonight at 8 p.m. eastern for the 2012 Felix Awards!