Best AC Challenge

The nominees are…

Back to Me by Rose
And I Will Try to Fix You by rebellious_one
Two Years Later by Carter-Orange
Nick’s Dirty Kicks by Sakabelle
Couple’s Therapy by Pengi
Miracle by Pengi

The winner is…

He had stepped onto the bus excitedly, but froze when he saw Brian at the kitchen table. He was just sitting there, staring at the sixteen thousand dollar pair of shoes. He had a look on his face that Nick couldn’t read. It almost looked like the same look he wore whenever Leighanne wore a low cut top.

But that couldn’t be right.

“Rok?” Nick asked nervously, stepping towards him.

Brian looked up at Nick, but he still looked deep in thought. It seemed as though he was somewhere else.

“What’re you doing?” Nick asked, sitting down at the table across from him.

Brian continued to stare at the shoes that were resting on the table in between the two men. It seemed like he was in a trance.


Congrats also to the runner up:


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