Action/Adventure Story

The nominees are…

Save A Prayer by Carter-Orange
Severed Identities by PurpuraLipstick
Gumshoes by Pengi and evergreenwriter83
Last Christmas by rebellious_one
Seven Days by Refuse

And the winner is…

For a tiny little Japnese man with only half his fingers, he was amazingly strong. I stumbled into the room as he guided me by my elbow. Sure enough, there was, indeed, a red couch. And a stage with a pole, much like the last room we were in. And sitting on the stage was a girl – also similar to the last room, except she was the palest white I’ve ever seen, like she’d been deprived of sunlight for a few months, the color Leighanne’s legs get in the winter. She was wearing lingerie with little pink flowers all over it. Her brown hair was in a pony tail.

She looked up, her eyes wide and frightened as the door crashed open, and scrambled to her feet.

“You supposed to be ready,” snapped the man, and he started to stride over towards her, angry. She flinched away and ducked behind the pole, as though to separate them.

An extraordinary thing happened at that moment – a phrase went through my head, a phrase which I never would have voluntarily thought in any place other than at a Japanese harem.

What Would Nick Do?

Gumshoes by Pengi and evergreenwriter83!

Congratulations also to the runner up:


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