Thank you and good-night!

Thanks to everyone who “came out” for the big event this evening and to those who are catching up in their respective timezones 🙂

Winners, be sure to right-click and SAVE your banners then upload them to your own space – don’t hotlink them! Also, when you post them on AC, keep them out of your summaries and post them instead inside your author’s notes.

Thank you again to Hannah who was kind enough to do the banners again this year, to the people who sent in nominations then came back and cast their votes – although there may not have been very many of you this year, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate your participation.

Although Felix is taking a relaxing vacation after this season, I hope to one day see it back and full of your great work! Who knows, there might even be a Felix 2013 this fall 🙂

Click here to catch up on the discussion on the forums!


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