Comedy/Dramedy Author

The nominees are…


And the winner is…

“Brian,” Nick said softly. “You tried to eat my charity shoes. And we know you ate my Nikes.”

“And mine,” AJ said, with his hands in his pockets.

“And mine,” Howie added.

Brian shook his head and looked at the ground. “I didn’t mean to…” he said quietly. “I’m so sorry you guys…” he breathed.

Nick glanced up at Howie and AJ. He awkwardly placed his hand on Brian’s back. “It’s okay, man. I mean… it’s shoes… but… it’s okay. We forgive you.”

“You don’t understand,” Brian said, looking up at Nick with tear filled eyes. “Those shoes…” he glanced down at Nick’s feet. Nick’s feet that were housed in an old pair of Vans. They were somewhat snug and a little scuffed up. Nick had yet to go out shoe shopping since he’d decided to donate his ‘Dirty Kicks.’ Brian leaned down. “Those… shoes…” he said again, almost hypnotized by them.

“Dude…” Nick said anxiously.

But it was too late. Brian’s face was next to his sneakers, his mouth was open and ready to take a bite.


Congratulations to the runner up, also:


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